Recognizing Our Student Researchers

Faculty are invited to submit their messages for student researchers to by May 10. Please include your name and affiliation. Messages received after May 10th with be added but may not be published by Commencement.
The Mechatronics and Robotics Research Lab would like to celebrate it’s graduating seniors!!!!
  • Christoph Nuesslein — Robotic Teleoperation via Gaze Control
  • Meghan Mulloy — Underwater Treadmill Gait Assistance Robot Design
  • David Javadian — Home Rehabilitation Monitoring Device

— Frank Sup,
associate professor of mechanical and industrial engineering

Congratulations to ECE senior Ali Abdel-Maksoud who had a very successful run as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Trisha Andrew’s Wearable Electronics Lab in Chemistry.
Ali Abdel-Maksoud
Congratulations and best wishes to Dennis Hofmann!
  • For his Honors thesis, Dennis developed a network simulation model and evaluated the impact of structural interventions such as housing assistance programs for prevention of HIV among the homeless population in the United States.
  •  Dennis also assisted a team in  developing an open access webapp ‘COVID-19 University Simulator’ for evaluating how often to test university students for effective control of a potential COVID-19 outbreak on a university campus.
  •  Soon, Dennis will join the graduate school at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as a PhD student for a NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program.

Congratulations Dennis!!!

— From the Disease Modeling Lab,
Advised by Chaitra Gopalappa, MIE

Dennis Hofmann

Congratulations to Aleeza Zilberman, who investigated how neural cells respond to pathological fluid forces as a part of the Cornelison Group lab team.

— Chase Cornelison,
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Congratulations to graduating senior Aliecia Bottali for her work examining driving simulator, eye tracking, and survey data to identify how drivers responded to vehicle cyberattacks. Her work was very beneficial in future publications and grant proposals that examine drivers’ role in vehicle cyberattacks.

— Shannon Roberts,
assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering

Congratulations to senior Isaac Reyes for his work on the COVID in wastewater research project. Isaac will be  staying on in the MS program!!!

— Caitlyn Butler,
associate professor in civil and environmental engineering

Isaac Reyes
Congratulations to these outstanding  undergraduate researchers in the Class of 2021 :
  • Anna Pauls, CFD calculations supporting an experiment to be conducted on the International Space Station.
  • Ethan Walko, analysis of data on the properties of liquid metals taken at NASA.
  • Noah Zilberberg, preparation of metal powders for additive manufacturing.

— Robert Hyers,
professor of mechanical and industrial engineering

The Pradhan Group would like to congratulate the following graduating seniors —

Karan Shah, MIE: Instrumental in conducting literature searches and reviews for funded research projects on advanced vehicle technologies

Christopher Kennedy, MIE: Contributed to the experimental design and setup of field studies to explore impact of vehicle technologies on driver behaviors. 

Jaydeep Radadiya, MIE: Played large roles in research on mental models of drivers as they use vehicle technologies; and on research related to training drivers for advanced technologies. 

— Anuj Pradhan,
assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering

Congrats to undergraduate researcher Abraham (Avi) Waldman who is graduating with his BS in Chemical Engineering! 

— Jessica Schiffman,
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Avi Waldman (second from left)
The Perry lab is pleased to congratulate seniors:
  • Josh McGee for his work on protein nanoparticles to treat cancer.  Josh is also the recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and will be joining the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University this fall!
  • Hansen Tjo for his work studying complex coacervation in more complex ternary systems.  In Fall 2021, Hansen will be joining the PhD program in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University!

— Sarah Perry,
associate professor of chemical engineering

Shout out and congrats to all ECE seniors
who have completed honors theses!!!

Automated Calibration of an X-band Phased-Array Radar Antenna

Samantha Klein  •  Chair: Stephen Frasier

Construction of a Wilson Cloud Chamber with Embedded Real-Time Particle Detection and Analysis

Christopher A. Caron  •  Chair: David Kawall

Everlasting Security with the Coexistence of Radar and Communication Systems with Software-Defined Radios

Calvin Lee  •  Chair: Robert Jackson

Noninvasive Measurement of the Dielectric Constant of Tree Leaves

Ian Edward O’Neil • Chair: Robert Jackson

Numerical Simulations of Thermal Transport in Two-Dimensional Materials

Peter Adam Pawelski  •  Chair: Zlatan Aksamija

Analysis of Laser Fault Injection Attacks on Ring Oscillators in FPGAs

Andrew T. Hartnett  •  Chair: Wayne Burleson

Considering Electric Vehicle Adoption as a Local Vehicle-Emissions Abatement Strategy in Nairobi, Kenya

Xavier Alexander Farrell  •  Chair: Jay Taneja

Machine Learning and Path Optimization-Based Autonomous Drones for Early Forest Fire Detection

Rushiv Arora •  Chair: Hossein Pishro-Nik

Parameterizing Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Maxwell Brooks Rapier  •  Chair: Marco Duarte

Toward Mitigating Adversarial Attack on Neural Networks via Hybrid Neural Network Decision Tree Architecture

Jonah O’Brien Weiss  •  Chair: Sandip Kundu