College of Engineering Awards

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards


Shelly Peyton, chemical engineering


Cielo Sharkus ’21MS, environmental and water resources engineering

Shelly Peyton (left) and Cielo Sharkus (right)

Outstanding Teaching Awards

Sanjay Arwarde, civil and environmental engineering
Kara Peterman, civil and environmental engineering

Sanjay Arwade (left) and Kara Peterman (right)

Campus Awards

Rising Researchers

Fall 2020

Josh McGee ’21, chemical engineering
Jaydeep Radadiya ’21, industrial engineering

Joshua McGee (left) and Jaydeep Radadiya (right)
Spring 2021

Ali Abdel-Maksoud ’21, electrical engineering
Nicholas Sbalbi ’22, chemical engineering

Ali Abdel-Maksoud (left) and Nicholas Sbalbi (right)

Scanlon Student Employee of the Year

Paul Hirsh ’21, mechanical engineering

Paul Hirsh

Jack Welch Scholarship

Allison Lepine ’21, industrial engineering

National Awards

Goldwater Scholarship

Nicholas Sbalbi ’22, chemical engineering

Nicholas Sbalbi

National Science Foundation
Graduate Research Fellowships

Selena Y. Cho ’21, mechanical engineering
Joshua McGee ’21, chemical engineering

Selena Y. Cho (left) and Joshua McGee (right)